Pastors & Staff

Jim Loepp Thiessen, Interim Pastor

Jim loves to engage people with the questions and wonderings about faith that they have. Before coming to North Leamington United Mennonite Church, he spent ten years at a church he started in Kitchener. His desire for the church is to be a safe place where people can ask questions about things that matter. Meeting new people, walking alongside people on their faith journeys gives him more energy than a decent espresso which he loves. Jim and his wife Ingrid have celebrated twenty-six years of marriage. He enjoys hanging out with his family, cooking, and watching movies.

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Alicia Good, Pastor

Alicia is a genuine church nerd. She moved to Leamington in 2013 after graduating with her M.Div. (Honours) from seminary at the University of Toronto, Wycliffe College. She enjoys finding creative ways to minister to a wide spectrum of different age groups, from babies to seniors and everyone in between. She is excited by the challenges and opportunities that are part of ministry in the post-modern, post-Christian era and finds much joy in reclaiming ancient practices of faith. She is especially excited about the cultural diversity present in Essex County and is looking for ways to explore what it means to be “Mennonite” in a variety of different cultural contexts. Alicia enjoys cycling, vermicomposting and growing heirloom French melons. She may or may not be a hipster.

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Susan Klassen, Secretary

When you call or visit the church on weekdays, you’ll find Susan in the office tending to the daily secretarial details as she has since 2005. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, reading and helping out on the family farm.

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